I am Mrinal, just another normal human being trying to be curious, helpful and funny.  I am a lifelong learner by nature and a technologist by profession. I created the tagline 3Es: experiences, experiments, and expressions to combine all my thoughts and share them on one platform.

I currently work as a Software Engineer with a focus on building an ecosystem and infrastructure for humans to do scientific and statistical stuff with their data by following and applying software engineering principles.

Previously I worked as a freelance Web Developer and Technical Support Engineer remotely from home on marketplaces called oDesk, and Elance, now they’re merged and known as Upwork.  During my master’s at NIU, I worked as a Graduate Research Assitant and did an internship as Graduate Research at Argonne National Laboratory. I have a huge admiration for open source software contributors, musical artists, scientists and teachers.

I created this site a long time ago but was on/off because I didn’t have time to manage and many times forgot to renew my hosting subscription. This time I made up my mind to keep it alive even if I don’t post often.

Five Fun facts:

    • I love watching documentaries on cosmology, crime and sports. I even prefer documentaries over movies.
    • I work out so I could eat more rich foods.
    • I learned to program to feel the joy of creation and earn money. I am also a lazy person.
    • I am the eldest of my entire generation in a larger family. So, if I pursue something, my parents and relatives think it’s safer for the rest of the junior to follow.
    • The photo you see in the intro has a background of a bathroom. It was taken by a friend named Suvajit when I was visiting my high school friend Deb in his residence hall at BUET.